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Brakes and cables

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DOT disc brake bleed kit

Never mix mineral oil and DOT fluid to save brake seals. We recommend the use of one bleeding kit for mineral oil and anotherone for DOT brake fluid.

We strongly recommend the use of gloves such as NL-78000 for any hydraulic brake, fork and rear shock services due to the corrosiveness of mineral oil and DOT fluid.

  • to bleed most hydraulic disc brakes
  • includes 2 shop quality 30ml syringes
  • much longer life than conventional syringes
  • 4, 5 and 6mm threaded adaptors
  • 3 hoses equipped with clamps on each hose to prevent fluid from getting back in unintentionally
  • 1 syringe holder for frame
  • 1 quick adaptor for Sram Bleeding Edge
  • kit compatible with mineral oil and DOT brake fluid
  • comes in plastic storage case

Weight : 230 g

Code EAN : 3435540311007