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Tyre Maintenance



Tyre sealant - 1 liter

  • seals punctures up to 1/4" (6.5mm) quickly
  • makes tubeless ready tyres airtight
  • suitable for MTB and road tyres
  • resists freezing
  • squeeze bottle injects sealant through valve stem by removing core
  • also available in 125ml as RP-46000 and 500ml as RP-46100

Amount per tyre :
  • 26" : 60-90ml
  • 27.5" : 70-100ml
  • 27.5+ : 120ml
  • 29" : 90-120ml
  • 700x28 : 30-60ml

EN - Remove the valve core or one side of the tyre. Shake the bottle. Inject one measure. Install the valve core or the tyre. Inflate the tyre. Hold the wheel horizontally and spin the wheel to spread sealant uniformly. Flip the wheel and repeat. Add some sealant every 3 to 6 months.

Weight : 980 g

Code EAN : 3435540462006